Where are the Java User Groups in Vietnam and in South-East Asia?

I’ve been wondering about this nearly three years ago already, looking for Java Communities in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. Now I picked up an interest in this question again. While there has been tons of cool developments in other communities (Agile Vietnam, for example), there seems to be nothing new about good ol’ Java.

Especially looking at the Word Map of (registered) Java User Groups at http://www.java.net/jug-profile-map makes me wonder where all the JUG’s are in South-East Asia.

Even in more “mature” locations like Singapore, there doesn’t seem to be much around as I recently learned here.

Java, anyone? Watch out, I’m looking for you. And oh, if anybody is interesting in getting together and bringing Java forward in Vietnam, just drop a comment below or send me a message.

  • Is Java like JavaScript? Because I like JavaScript!

    • Hahaha, Tomo, as much as I’d like your support, I don’t think it is. Except for the similarity in names. And the curly brackets. Where does your aversion against Java come from? ;)

  • fangdi

    hello hendrik , my name is Huy and I’m also quite new to java ( just 3 years ) but i also have the same question . Why don’t you think to form a JUG here in HCMC , Vietnam ?

    • Hey Huy,

      3 years is not that new :) And well, I was actually considering that. Writing this blog post was part of me trying to find out why there isn’t any and whether there would be anybody interested in it.

      About the 2nd question: would you be interested in having a more active community that helps each other to learn more and become better? And do you think there’s other people interested as well?

      Thanks a lot for your interest, looking forward to talk more :)


  • cuvaalex

    Hi Hendrik,
    I m considering open a JUG in Da Nang, I pass most of my time there, sorry for HCMC folk. I start to ask if there are people intersted to create the community. I will just help the community, because I don’t leave permentaly in Vietnam, but I m there nearly half of my time.
    I will post here when I know we have our first event.
    So Hedrink if you could open one in HCMC, we could advertise both groups at the next Agile Tour in November. And maybe share the speakers

    • Hey Alexandre,

      good to get to know you. Unfortunately I’m also not living in Vietnam permanently at the moment. I’d be super happy to help the community as well, but I doubt I could start and run one at the moment.

      Given that there’s not a single JUG right now in Vietnam, what would you think about combining efforts? And also, do you guys have a mailing list or Google Group or whatever already? Would be good to have and bring interested people from all over Vietnam together.

      Where are you from, btw, and what is your relationship with Java? ;)


  • Hi Hendrik,

    I am leaving in HCM :) If there is JUG effort I will be in!



    • Hey Jonathan,

      thanks for your comment. Unfortunately I’ve been focusing on other technologies lately and hence didn’t pursue finding or founding a JUG anymore. Plus I’m on way out of Vietnam, at least for now. It would be nice to get to know you before I leave, but that would leave only a few more weeks. Are you living here permanently? I’ll try to contact you via email…


      • notbarjo

        Sorry, awful mistake, I am *living* in HCM.

        • Haha, no worries, that’s how I actually read your comment ;)

  • jim jiang

    I have the same question.

    • hendrikbeck

      Which country are you from, may I ask?

  • Adam Skelton

    Yes I’m wondering the same thing too.

    • hendrikbeck

      Are you residing in Vietnam right now, Adam? And are you going to be there for a long time? If you’re having any answers, I’d be happy to hear them ;-)

      • Adam Skelton

        Hi Hendrik, I’m not actually in SE Asia but instead am keeping an eye out for .NET/Java user groups in the region and noticed there are very few. I’ve tried contacting some people who were once involved with them to see if I can get any details of any new user groups popping up. I will keep you informed

        • hendrikbeck

          Interesting. I lived there for a few years, doing software development. If there’s anything I can help you with, I’d love to do so. If you’ve got specific questions, feel free to DM me and ask them. Or if you’re looking for particular groups or skill sets or anything like that, I’d be happy to try as well. I mostly lived in Vietnam, so that’s what it would be most likely that I could help with. The offer stands :-)

          • Adam Skelton

            Many thanks for your help Hendrik, it’s much appreciated. We are looking to gain exposure for our software products in this region and if you do happen to know from your experience there any local websites/events/communities that revolve around .NET or Java I would love to know.

          • Adam Skelton

            Hi Hendrik, I’m wondering if there is any news about local user groups? Did you manage to find any?