A brand-new Groovy / Grails user group Vietnam

In previous posts I’ve already been trying to explore software development communities in Vietnam. Since I am working with Grails in one of my current projects (very enjoyable!) I thought I’d start an experiment and found the “Groovy/Grails Usergroup Vietnam“.

After letting it sit for a couple of days I almost forgot about it until someone actually found the site, became a member and started a discussion! Admittedly, the discussion wasn’t about Groovy and Grails but rather why it’s so freakin empty on this page but still, it’s a member and a discussion.

So, Java people out there, let’s just continue with the experiment, invite more people and see where it goes. The actual community might really be very very small in Vietnam but maybe even more of a reason to get together here.

You’re not sure what Grails actually is? In very short I would describe it as “Ruby on Rails for Java” (is that ok to call it that?) and as a very entertaining and light-weight way of developing web applications based on Java. For more please check out the grails.org or the Wikipedia article or Google.

If you’re interested now, please join here: http://groups.google.com/group/groovy-grails-vietnam. And if you think the idea’s even more stupid than offering shoeshine for flip-flops, then join the comments below.

  • Till

    I thing it’s legal to describe Groovy on Grails as “Ruby on Rails for Java” as it was the early idea of the developers of Grails to establish a similar framework.

    And yes! Groovy itself is really enjoyable and I like the idea of Grails.

    Greetings from Germany. Nice blog!

    • Hendrik Beck

      Ha, Da Till! Nice to have another Groovy’n'Grails fan on board. Did you join the user group yet? ;-)

      Greets from Vietnam

  • Till

    I have to admit that my vietnamese is too bad to join the group ;-)

  • Sebastian

    Hi Hendrik,
    Lately i just posted a message there, but can’ t see it :D
    Its authored by you?
    @Till: you re in some relation with Vietnam?

    Question to you two guys:
    What is the best mailing list for Grails topics. Just posted some question on the one on nabble, as i am looking for a solution for a deployment problem.